When you think of gorgeous shoes that look great it’s almost a given that you can expect sore feet after a night out or after being on your feet all day. For most of us, it's no secret that comfort and style are usually on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to footwear. Ziera shoes (previously Kumfs) was created by two podiatrists who saw firsthand that badly fitting, uncomfortable shoes, boots and sandals were causing damage to women's feet all in the name of fashion and style. Over 70+ years Ziera has been analysing women's feet shapes and sizes, and collecting customer feedback to create shoes, boots and sandals for different feet type with the perfect balance of luxe comfort (focusing on perfecting the level of cushioning, arch support and adjustment) and on-trend style. They believe the best fit and comfort are created using natural materials such as leather that moulds to your feet. Combined with a design that offers adjustability and versatility to create a personalised fit. For orthotic wearers, they even have a great range of orthotic-friendly shoes, so you can get all the foot support you need and still look great. At Sole Sister Shoes, we believe strongly in Ziera’s mantra of combining comfort and style, and that’s why we stock a large selection of Ziera shoes, boots and sandals at great prices. We also offer free shipping on most styles and have Afterpay so you can get the comfortable footwear you need now, and pay later.