What shoes to buy when you suffer from Plantar Fasciitis

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If you don’t know what it feels like to suffer from plantar fasciitis, you’re one of the lucky ones. Many people are not familiar with it until they experience the nasty pain in the heel or are diagnosed with this condition.

But alas, there is a solution with some brands available at Sole Sister Shoes that are specifically designed to eliminate the pain associated with plantar fasciitis. Brands such as OOFOS, Rieker, Naot and Birkenstock that if you suffer from this condition can improve your life by minimising the pain with a fashionable, comfortable and supportive pair of shoes.

When looking at the best options for plantar fasciitis shoes, there are several things to look for when shopping different brands and styles. These include:

Great Arch Support

Shoes that offer good arch support to keep your feet flattening out and keep you supported throughout your busy day.

Contoured Footbeds

Look for shoes that have a contoured footbed to help with alignment by distributing your weight evening across your foot.

Removable Footbeds

You will be able to get additional arch support and replace with orthotics to help with the pain associated with plantar fasciitis.

Shock Absorption

A good shock-absorbing shoe is made with thick rubber outsoles for shock-absorption and traction to help minimise shock from the ground up.

One brand in particular we love recommending for Plantar Fasciitis pain is OOFOS. These sandals are known as the most comfortable recovery sandals, engineered to reduce stress on the foot. They have amazing arch support and their OOFOAM material makes the footbed feel just like you are walking on air. OOFOS sandals offer cushioning and arch support where you need it to reduce the pain associated with this foot condition.

At Sole Sister Shoes, we carry many plantar fasciitis comfort shoes: sandals, heels, walking shoes, running shoes, casual sneakers, clogs, wedges, flats, booties, and boots. Come and visit us today at Springwood Shopping Mall or online www.solesistershoes.com.au

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