What shoes to buy for people with foot problems

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When you think about it, we sure do put a lot of pressure on our feet. We depend on them to carry us around all day at work or at play. We put pressure and harm on them unwittingly by wearing uncomfortable and un-supportive shoes. The daily stresses and strains of life can sometimes lead to foot problems and pain.

So what can you do? You can start by wearing the right shoes to alleviate and prevent further issues in the future.

What causes foot issues?

Here are a few common foot problems and their possible causes.

  • Heel pain – usually caused by inflammation of the band of tissue in your foot when foot muscles are put under heavy strain.
  • Heel spur – an abnormal growth of the bone of your heel caused by the long-term strain of muscles and ligaments under excessive weight or arthritis.
  • Stone bruise – feels like you’re walking on a pebble and is usually down to a deep impact injury or heavy bruising in the ball of your foot.
  • Pain on ball of foot – sometimes a result of the way your foot is held in your shoe, or by your walking motion.
  • Bunion – a bony bulge that usually occurs on the big toe, caused by the constant rubbing of ill-fitting shoes.
  • Corns and calluses – hardened skin or growths that occur anywhere over the foot, but particularly where the shoe has rubbed or worn away as you walk.

Start with comfort over style

Start with a comfy pair of shoes that are fitted properly and wear the right shoes for the right occasion. Issues with feet can correct themselves over time if you look after yourself. If the pain does persist, you should seek professional medical advice from a doctor or podiatrist.

Best shoes for arch support

Wearing shoes with arch support can reduce pain in foot problems. Shoes with arch support are firm and strong enough in the sole to support your foot, and flexible enough to allow you to move naturally and comfortably. Check out the Naot range which are made with arch support.

Best shoes for bunions

Bunion pain tends to be in the big toe and its joint, because the bunion causes the big toe to push inwards. In some cases, bunions aren’t that painful or bothersome, while in others they can be extremely painful.

The best shoes for feet with bunions are ones with roomy, flexible soles like our Comfort Leisure range.

Best shoes for plantar fasciitis sufferers

The best shoes for plantar fasciitis are ones with good heel support. They’ll function as a shock absorber and keep pressure off the painful tissue around the affected area.

One brand in particular we love recommending for Plantar Fasciitis pain is OOFOS. These sandals are known as the most comfortable recovery sandals, engineered to reduce stress on the foot. They have amazing arch support and their OOFOAM material makes the footbed feel just like you are walking on air. OOFOS sandals offer cushioning and arch support where you need it to reduce the pain associated with this foot condition.

At Sole Sister Shoes, we carry comfort shoes and are experienced in recommending the right shoes for differing foot conditions: sandals, heels, walking shoes, running shoes, casual sneakers, clogs, wedges, flats, booties, and boots. Come and visit us today at Springwood Shopping Mall or online www.solesistershoes.com.au

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