Past the point of wearing heels?

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If you have been dragging yourself kicking and screaming ( well at least sulking and commiserating with yourself), past the point of being able to wear heels, please take heart! You are not alone! And it's not the end of the (fashion world).

I know heels look amazing and I have long been a believer in the higher the heel the better the legs look. And let's face it, most of us need all the help we can get. Combine cankles into the mix and oh no I don't that's a whole other blog 😩

Anyway, this morning a lady came into my shoe store. 70 something, looking gorgeous in turquoise and white. She was nervous I could tell. The lady's name turned out to be Patricia.

Patricia was eyeing off our range of pretty heels, delicately handling each one and tilting it to the side to check the height of the heel. Patricia's son was getting married. And who wouldn't want to look stunning and memorable in honour of your son and his beautiful bride? After a discussion about colour and style to suit her new "flowy" calf length dress, Patricia decided on a pair of stunning silver shoes with a , shall we say , mid height heel.

Nervously, Patricia put her stockingettes on whilst declaring that she thinks she may be a bit ambitious thinking that these heels were going to suit. Heels on. Stand up. Yes! They looked beautiful. Could Patricia walk? Well, that was debatable. Yes she could with trepidation around the shoe store, enough to take a look in the mirror. But no! Not enough to walk in the heels for the whole day, play hostess with the mostest to family and friends, impress new inlaws and not look like a bushranger that had just been on a horse for 2 weeks. No, sorry Patricia the month between now and the wedding will not make walking in heels any easier. I'm sorry sweet sweet Patricia but heels this height are not going to work.

Cue the little Clarice Maree Sparkly flats.

i asked Patricia how she would feel about being in dressy and sweet flats. She was willing to try them.

Wow, these little flats looked so lovely on her. And after being assured that heels are overrated at weddings, the flats won out.

Patricia was so so pleased. Not only will she look awesomely amazing for her sons big day, but she will also be the envy of 90% of other women at the wedding. She will be able to dance,  walk daintily, and be standing comfortably at the end of the night for the farewelling of the newly married lovebirds. No broken ankles hips or wrists from falling. No sore calves. No sore balls of feet. Just a happy and stunning Mother of the Groom.

Take heart. Heels are not Gods gift to women. Flats are. 

We have many gorgeous dressy flats in store at Sole Sister Shoes.

Here's a little pic of the flats that Patricia chose and below that is the link to take you straight to them. Available in 3 colours.

Thanks for taking the time to read. Lots of Love, Melissa Tselepis - Sole Sister

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