Ideal shoes for travel | Our tips on picking the best travel shoes

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Everything has been booked - your flights and accommodation and even your entertainment and activities. 

But it's the dreaded "what to pack" that gets the eyes rolling for most of I right?

When you’re going to spend hours on your feet travelling you need great, comfortable shoes. Think lots of walking, lining up for hours, running to your plane or bus!

You need a versatile shoe that can handle all the variables whilst still being stylish.

Best Travel Friendly Shoes

Ideally you need a shoe that's easy to slip on and off and keeps you warm (everyone knows how cold those planes get!) Forget about tying up your laces again after security and go lace-free!.

Slip on your shoes, and you’re done. Simple!

We suggest investing in a shoe that can go with anything (jeans, shorts, skirts). Check out our suggested options below.

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Happy travels! 

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