How to choose the Perfect Christmas Shoe.

How to choose the perfect Christmas sandal

When choosing your shoes for an Australian Christmas, your best bet is a good pair of sandals. They are comfortable, cool, and can be dressed up or down depending on your event. When picking your sandals for the holiday season there are a few things to keep in mind, so here is our guide to choosing the perfect Christmas sandal this year.

Choose Comfort

No matter what you’re doing on Christmas day, comfortable shoes are an absolute must. Whether you’re running around preparing a feast for the family, hanging out by the pool to cope with the heat, or dining in a luxurious restaurant, your Christmas will be much more enjoyable if you aren’t nursing blisters and crushed toes all day. Make sure that you buy the right size for your feet, and choose shoes with arch support wherever you can - it will make a big difference, trust us!

Get Festive

Christmas is the best time of year to wear something louder than you’re used to. If you have always wanted to wear bright colours but never had the chance, the holiday season is your perfect opportunity to try it out. Add a splash of colour to your Christmas look with these gorgeous red sandals by Nu by Neo, they are the perfect jolly red to spread some holiday cheer.

Match the Event

Picking the right Christmas shoes for you depends on what type of Christmas party you’re attending. A casual, laid back barbecue calls for something light, comfortable, and cool, so go for an alltime comfy classic like these birkenstocks to see you through the sweltering day. If your Christmas is going to be spent sipping champagne in a breezy penthouse with a view, go all out with a touch of glam by showing up in these Sasha Weave leather sandals.

Match your Outfit

Different sandals go with different outfits, so if you already have your Christmas clothes laid out, choose a pair of sandals to match. If you are wearing pants, don’t choose anything that winds up your leg because all that detail will go unseen. Wear something with a bit of a heel like these Cubic leather sandals to add height to the outfit. A match made in heaven has always been flowy dresses with intricate, Grecian style sandals. Check out these rose gold sandals that will go perfect with an airy maxi dress, giving off a glam-bohemian vibe.

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