Best Shoes for Flying and Travelling


Whether your next holiday is in the sun or the snow, the first step to any trip is getting there. We all know the many struggles of long-distance flights. They are uncomfortable, crowded, and maneuvering through airport security and last-minute gate changes can be a nightmare. Having the best shoes for a long haul flight can make all this discomfort that much easier.

Here are our top picks for the best travel shoes. Whether you want shoes specifically for airports, planes, or the entire travel experience, you’ll find them in this list.


Let’s face it, shoes can be bulky. It’s common practice to wear the bulkiest shoes you are taking on your trip on the plane in order to save on luggage space. The only issue with this is that, while your heavy boots or sneakers may be fine to walk around the airport in, you might want to change into something more comfortable while you’re in the air.

The perfect solution is a classic elastic flat such as these Django and Juliette Ballet Flats. Not only are they light and comfortable for moving around the plane in, but they are also compact, making them easy to slip into your carry-on luggage.


The obvious choice for rushing around busy airports is a comfortable pair of sneakers. When choosing the right pair of sneakers for a long haul flight there are a couple of things to keep in mind. First, they need to be light and comfortable so that you can move around the plane with ease and be relaxed while seated. The second thing to remember is that you will likely want or need to take your shoes on and off at some point, whether at the security check or on the plane itself. Having shoes that are quick to slip on and off makes everything easier.

Sneakers without laces check all these boxes. Check out these lightweight and comfortable Ziera Urban Flexfit trainers for a velcro option, or these stylish Holster Blaze sneakers for an easy-to-pull-on shoe.

Slip Ons

We all want to travel as light as possible, so it makes sense to only wear shoes that you will use again throughout your trip. A great all-rounder pair of shoes that are comfortable, stylish, easy to slip on and off, are Rebecca by Nu by Neo. They can easily be dressed down with comfortable pants and a basic top for travelling and dressed up for future outings on your trip while being comfortable enough to last a long haul flight.


As a general rule, we don’t advise wearing sandals on a long haul flight. They are usually quick to slip off, unsupportive, and you often can’t wear socks with them. In short, not the type of shoes you want to be running around an airport in. If you insist on letting your feet breathe and wearing sandals, your best option is these Rio Birkenstocks. They have cushioning support, ankle straps, and can be worn with socks for those who need to wear compression leggings on planes.

Having a pair of comfortable and practical shoes can make a big difference when travelling. Picking the right pair for you will do wonders in making your next long haul flight bearable. Not travelling by air? Ask us about our picks for the best shoes to wear on cruises in store a Sole Sister Shoes.